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We design and develop your website ideas into a reality. Not only can we provide the website you want or need, we can provide the branding to match.

Are you looking to create or upgrade your website?

Website DEsign Agency

Web Design

Express your entire message through a remarkable website, meticulously tailored to reflect your brand. What impression should your own website create about you?

We excel in constructing a completely customised website from scratch.

Although we do provide all of the artwork & designs throughout your website, if you require only Business Cards, Flyer Designs, Social Media Posts, we can provide these to you also.

Whether you have a Website Designed by us or not, we can complete these.

Certified in SEO services, we can develop your website to have the best SEO strategy possible during its creation.  We provide audits upon completion to show how effective these are. 

We will provide you with information on additional steps you can take to further your reach so that you gain the interested customers your brand deserves.

Do you have your own products you want to sell to your customers and reach a wider audience? Do you purchase large stock to resell onto consumers throughout the UK or Worldwide?

We can create the perfect online store for you to showcase your inventory.

Social Media is a huge part of Marketing in todays digital age.  It's a great way to interact and grow your audience without an additional cost. 

We can provide you with content to post, whether it be only text, only an image or both.  Let us help you reach a new customer base with you.

Provide your clientele with a compelling incentive to select your brand over the numerous alternatives available. We understand that thriving enterprises require a unique brand image to differentiate themselves from competitors.

As a result, our branding design will consistently generate enthusiasm, satisfaction, and continuously attract customers back to your business.

Professional, Digital & Physical Design

Although most of our projects completed for our clients are fully customised website design in Angus, whether it be fully informational or ecommerce, we do a vast amount of graphics design and printing also.  We have provided design & support to countries all over the world.

This includes leaflets, flyers, business cards, logo design plus much more. Anything that you want your brand applied to, we can ensure to meet your needs and complete your desired project with the highest quality.

Website Design

Once your website has been created and running live to your customers, whether you have had website design by ourselves or have your own website live elsewhere, we can provide affordable website support and maintenance packages to make sure things are running as they did when it was brand new. Inclusive of these packages, we will also update any part of the site that you require, efficiently and at the quality you & your customers deserve.  There are packages available to suit all needs, no matter the size or amount of data you have on site.

At Hexahex Web Design in Angus we can provide the below support packages tailored for your needs:

1-3 Hours per month – £20

4-6 Hours per month – £35

6-9 Hours per month – £50

10+ Hours – Contact for our custom pricing.  The more hours, the greater the discount available


These updates include, but not limited to the below services:

eCommerce product updates
Contact details updates
Additional text/edit of website blocks
Adding new sections to your page
Brand new page creation with content
Website backend functions
SEO Reports & improvements
Google Shopping product feed
Website migration to or from an alternative hosting company
Any other requirements required

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries relating to Website Design or WordPress/Shopify help.

Do websites really
cost as much as
people think?

In short, yes website design can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. 

There are a large amount of companies that have huge overheads and a massive team that results in their prices being exceptionally high for the same standard of project as you would get for even half the price at a smaller company. 

At Hexahex Website Design Angus we have a small team with more with over 10 years experience in our field. We can provide some of the highest standards and meet any requirements you require for your project.  Prices can vary between a simple informational landing page to a full ecommerce website with thousands of products.  All of our websites, regardless of the type you need, are less than £1000, much less. Our base package is £250 but if you need even less than that, we can reduce that even more.

website design in angus
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